Epizyme’s vision is to rewrite treatment for cancer and other serious diseases through novel epigenetic medicines. We aspire to change the standard of care for patients and physicians by developing medicines with fundamentally new mechanisms of action.

Our vision is focused on four transformative activities, or goals, that we refer to as our Vision 2020. They include:

  • Transitioning to a commercial-stage organization through the global launch of tazemetostat in patients with certain genetically defined solid tumors (INI1-negative tumors and synovial sarcoma) and patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL);
  • Expanding the clinical program for tazemetostat to support its utilization in earlier lines of therapy, in combination regimens, and in at least five new tumor types;
  • Growing the pipeline, with at least three new product candidates in clinical development and a robust set of preclinical assets behind those; and,
  • Further establishing the company’s leadership in the field of epigenetics and chromatin remodeling in oncology and beyond to enable long-term, sustainable business growth.

Our pioneering work in epigenetic drug development is led by the advancement of tazemetostat in a number of cancer indications and treatment settings. Our unique scientific capabilities have enabled us to expand our platform into new epigenetic target classes likely to be highly important in disease biology. Our discovery research is yielding exciting new targets for which we are developing novel small molecule programs with the goal of creating a sustainable pipeline of clinical candidates. To help further accelerate our portfolio, we have established a foundation of strategic collaborations with biopharmaceutical leaders.

At Epizyme, our exceptional team is wholly dedicated to bringing epigenetic therapies to the many patients who can benefit from them. We believe that we have the opportunity to change the lives of patients living with cancer and other serious diseases and are well positioned to deliver on our multi-year vision.