Clinical Programs

Our clinical approach is designed to evolve our understanding of tazemetostat’s utility into new indications, across both hematological and solid tumors utilizing company-sponsored and investigator-sponsored trials. These trials span four distinct areas to evaluate tazemetostat across lymphomas and B-cell malignancies, mutationally defined tumors, treatment-resistant tumors and in augmenting response to immunotherapy.

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We aim to develop tazemetostat across a range of tumor types by leveraging innovative and efficient clinical trial approaches. By using signal-finding studies, such as basket trials, we can look across multiple types of hematological and solid tumors to find a signal, adapting the trial design or adding additional cohorts.

This approach may allow us to move quickly into larger trials that should be able to support registration if signals are identified in areas of large medical need. With this approach we plan to study multiple combinations with standard of care therapies in an effort to maximize the potential of tazemetostat, all with the goal of achieving shorter clinical development timelines.